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You will find below a list of online orienteering games 

Contour, Memo, Legend, IOF Symbols


Video games

Iof definitions

Route choice : Route to Christmas from World of O, from 2007

Various  games

They can be useful to learn the legend and symbols in a fun way or for an injured runner to help him to be patient

Octavian Droobers
British Orienteering Federation
World of O’

Contour quiz

This is a quiz to do during a jog. It trains you to stabilise your gaze for map reading and to understand contour.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

You can answer these quiz in front of the fireplace

Nathalie still does not have the answers. But you can argue if you don’t agree with each other, and that’s also another exercise!

Philippe Boulestreau

Brown map

.Relief-HardA brown map is an exercice to focus on contours training. 
To make it, you just hide all th symbols except the brown ones on the map and then plan a course.

To make it less difficult, you can plan a star course and leave the paths. Be careful with the instructions: the paths are only there to relocate if necessary, not to get as close as possible to the control by avoiding reading the contour lines 😉

Relief-EtoileTo make it more difficult, you can get rid off the North lines

This exercise is “scary”. It is a good idea to propose different steps before going into a complete brown course: brown and path star course, brown star course, then small loops. Also let people having a spare map, in the pocket.

Nathalie Rauturier