Tom Thumb

Plan a follow-the-line exercice. The runners have the map without the line, which will be followed.
Everyone follows the coach.
When the coach stops, everyone has to find where they are on the map … so they can go back if the coach leaves them in the forest alone 😉


  • One of the runners is the leader and has the map with the line to follow and the stops indicated. At each stop, the leader of the group changes.
  • We don’t leave the map to the runners. We give the maps back at each stop. So the runners have to memorize what has just been done
  • petit poucetThe runners have only map sections in their hands. Each time the leader stops, they have to say where they are by looking around (answer a at h)

This exercise is made in groups and therefore nobody can get lost 😉 .

Nathalie Rauturier 

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