The title of the website is obviously a contraction of “Orientation” and “Entraîneur” in french. The goal is obviously to make people think of the English “trainer”. 

This site aims to present in a succinct but exhaustive way all the exercises that can be set up by an orienteering coach. The exercises presented here are at all technical levels.

The site is intended to be participatory, do not hesitate to comment on the exercises. You can also present us with your innovative exercises not appearing on this site via the contact section or by asking to be a contributor to the site. The only constraints for writing articles:

  • respect the 4 paragraphs titles: description, variant, comment and contributor
  • put an example card

    And to start, let’s look at all the possible variations on the exercises to make them more difficult, to work on other skills, to adapt them to the environment in which we train, to the age of the participants, to their experience …

Control points

  • of all sizes (30*30, 15*15, 5*5, flat, punches only, reflective at night)
  • with numbers, without number
  • laid down or not, visible far away or not visible, on the ground or in height

Physical commitment

  • choice of timed or untimed exercise
  • exercise in opposition, in pursuit
  • mass start
  • chasing start
  • with handicap time, courses with more
     or less controls to do


  • placed on the ground, already oriented
  • in the hands
  • not moving (memo)
  • to make (sketch)
  • partial (white, brown, brown and blue, …)
  • given at T=0, studied before


  • park, forest, city, sports complex…
  • known, unknown
  • closed “naturally” or without “border”
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