Plan a course and put a map of the course at each control. At the starting point, the runner memorizes the route to go to  control 1. Then at 1, he memorizes the route to go to 2. He has to select only the essential elements to find the control.


  • Plan a star course, or small loops to make the exo easier
  • Plan a score around the start point. Leave the map on the start. Be careful to leave a limited time for memo (10 seconds?). The purpose is to reproduce what we do during a race, not to test our memory capacity.


  • Avoid planing legs, which can only be done with a compass
  • The memo map attached to the control must be able to turn for orientation

Nathalie Rauturier

Win, lose or draw

Image0002The map with the course remains at the start point. The runner has a blank sheet of paper. He draws the elements that are useful to find the controls, without forgetting to draw the North, the number and definition of each control. The purpose of the exercce is to learn to select the important elements that will help us to find the controls.

entrainement 4.Parc. 1 bis


  • entrainement 4.Parc. 1 bisTo simplify, give to the runner the course without the map. The locations of the controls are already indicated making the drawing easier
  • This exo can be used as a put out/ put down exercice. A runner puts out a control with a map. When he comes back, he puts down his map, does not look at it anymore and draws on a paper the route to find the control. He gives the paper to another runner, who should put down the control. Laugh, endless discussions or shouting  are guaranteed… you have to use the elements selected (and drawnn) by another person!

Highly instructive

Nathalie Rauturier