Tranemo ( English )

tranemo-demoRelay situation
Mass start.
When you arrive at the first control (31), the runners  go alternately on the blue or green branch. In practice, the first runner who punches th control, shouts the colour he has chosen (e.g. “blue”); the next runner to come shouts green, the next one blue…
At each control, with a blue/green choice, the first of a group to arrive shouts the chosen colour and the others behind alternate. If the runner arrives alone, he chooses his colour.

In the second loop, runners do the legs they did not do in the first rloop and take the purple dotted lines between the common posts (33 to 35 below) to avoid doing the same thing twice.



  • If the blue and green legs are of different lengths, the runners will be either hunted or hunter, a situation often found in the last relay
  • if the branches are equivalent, we will simulate more first relays, with contact race


  • Very interesting if you have a homogeneous group
  • Be careful with the planning: the positions of the legs (e.g. 31 and 32) must not be too close, so that the second loop is really different from the first one
  • It is more readable if you just write the codes and not the order 
  • If possible, provide an explanation, sitting down, with a practical example and put someone at the first control to check that it is understood
  • After a fork, you can put one common control (ex 39) to allow runners to regroup

Nathalie Rauturier

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