BATAILLE NAVALE 1.bataille naavle 3
In each box, a control is indicated. You have to find the squares, where the control is “there” and in the right place. All the squares whith real controls form “boats”. In this example, people had to find a boat of 4 (cruiser), 2 boats of 3 (submarine), a boat of 2 (torpedo boat), with only one rule “the boats can touch each other only by a corner”.
If you find a control in A1 and B1, then you know that there is no control in A2 and B2.

The target of this exercise is to do precise map reading, in a playful way

You can use other rules for the boats, change the number of boats to find …

Not suitable for beginners, for whom the concept of real or missing is complicated. It requires confidence.
Beware, also, Battleship is not a game known by the new generations

Nathalie Rauturier

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