Tag party

EpervierYou designate a “Tag Man” called “Sparrowhawk” in french, the others are called players.
Everyone has a map, with controls to punch.
At the start, the players set off towards the finish. They have to punch any 5 markers without being touched by the sparrowhawk. The sparrowhawk leaves 5 minutes after the group and must try to hit as many players as possible. Once touched, the player becomes another sparrowhawk.
The sparrowhawk wins if he has hit half of the players.
In order to be able to recognise which players have been hit or not, the players can be given a bandana. As soon as they are hit by the sparrowhawk, they take off their bandana.

Many variations can be found:

  • number of sparrowhawks at the start
  • time between the departure of the group and  the sparrowhawk
  • number of controls to be punched before taking refuge at the finish

This exercise requires participants to remain focused on map reading, while making sure not to be hit by the sparrowhawk.

Nathalie Rauturier

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