Magic square



You need to set up 9 markers (cones ?), as shown on the right.

Follow the course below on these cones following these instructions:

  • The triangle is the central cone.
  • Featured imageWhen you have made your first move, the orientation of your map is determined
  • Follow the directions indicated without taking into account the distances
  • Keep going and if you are correct, you return to the central cone, the start

File with 7 courses


  • you can time the exercice
  • Here is another version. Be careful, the start and the finish are on the outside of the 3 by 3 square ( look at the file that shows the location of the cones). The orientation of the map is given by the start cone and the 3*3 square.
     Magic square

It is an easy way to introduce map orientation to beginners

Sandra Olivier (Rédaction: Nathalie Rauturier) Eric Brassart

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